Concept of Pure Water

Uses of Water

As mentioned above without water no life. The nature have given the sufficient water, as we know 3/4th of the earth is nothing but water which can be classified in the following category as per the hydrological cycle.

Surface Water and Underground Water

Surface water can be further divided into

  • Rain water
  • River water
  • Lake water
  • Pond water
  • Water from reservoirs
  • Sea water etc.

Under ground water

Under ground water is one, which remains in the big reservoirs in the deep of the earth of these different sources of water; useful water for human being is generally surface water of which well, ground and spring water are the sources traditionally we use as it does not had much impurities of pollutant. Due to the Urbanization and so called Civilization the preservation of this sources and their maintenance are not done. As a consequences of this, these sources are got the contaminated and polluted and become in such a dangerous situation where usable water for the life to remain on earth become scare.

Sources of Pollutant

The principle sources of water pollutant are

1. Domestic sewage
2. Run off from land and field
3. Suspended particles
4. Atomic explorations
5. Clay and fine particles of soil
6. Industrial waste water

Release of large quantity of municipal and domestic waste physically and by drain into the surface water sources is one of the main reasons of water pollutions. Sewage mainly consists of human faeces, urine, excretas, kitchen waste, and street waste and other organic substances become the major nutrients for the pathogenic bacteria, algae, virus etc. This may lead to the both of water borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, hookworm infection, hepatitis, epidermal diseases, Malaria etc.

Run off water from land and field include mainly of the residual pesticides and other mineral and Biological substances. These materials are washed out into the rivers and other surface water sources resulting excessive water pollution. Water also may contain inorganic and organic suspended solids, microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, and fungi etc. which make the water unusable domestic or industrial purposes. Atomic exploration is another important source of pollution, which creates long lasting problems with the water contamination. The radioactive material near the water sources.
Industrial pollution is increasing day-by-day, water from various industries like leather, tanneries, sugar, paper, textile, steel mills, oil refineries, and pharmaceutical industries.