Water Mythology

Water is so important for all of us as a part of surviving as part of life on this Earth. Ancient civilizations like Indus River Valley, Egyptian, Greek, Native American, etc. have created myths and legends to highlight the importance of this element for us all. Within Hindu Mythology we hear odes to river goddesses like Ganges; within Roman Mythology Neptune is the Lord of the Seas, Aborigine tribes recall their totemic origins from water spirits, etc. In monotheist religions water constitutes a link with God. In the Old Testament it is the instrument used by God to punish (the Flood) or save (the Crossing of the Red Sea). And even till now, water is a symbol of purity and rebirth for the Christians, hence the reason for baptizing children in the holy waters.

For the Muslims the spring in which Ismaël, son of Abraham and Agar, quenched his thirst has become a holy place. Water unceasingly changes shapes and transforms itself. It is thus a model out of which everything can be born. Water, consequently, becomes a symbol of fertility that can be found in all the myths and all the religions. Beings and things are born of water. Water also possesses medicinal virtues. Some waters are recognized miraculous powers capable of healing the bodies. It is also a source of purification- for the individual beings but also for the whole of mankind.